Earlier I embedded a video about autonomous quadrotor flight. I checked back on the channel on You Tube and found a new video with the same quadrotors able to cooperate and grasp several objects and move them. Basically multiple autonomous drones can now work together to complete a goal. In my earlier post I thought that one of these would make a great gift simply because it would be fun, but now I see all kinds of practical uses for them: get the groceries from the car, bring me the remote, destroy mankind. The people at the University of Pennsylvania are working on some very neat stuff and I am excited to see what else they can come up with.

I came across this video of some work being done on Autonomous Quadrotor Flight. The precision in which it flies is quite impressive. I could see the government putting this to use, but not anytime soon. It requires the quadrotor flight to be done inside a net of 20 cameras all feeding information to the helicopter. The technology is still impressive in my opinion and if nothing else would make one kick ass Christmas gift.

Nao Robot

March 25th, 2010 | Posted by Gothamghost in Robotics | Technology - (1 Comments)

The engineering field of robotics and robots in general is something that fascinates me. This is an interesting video displaying a robot named Nao (pronounced “now”) from Aldebaran Robotics a French company. Supposedly a general public version will be released in 2011, but a version is already available to most universities for research purposes. Here is the wikipedia article on the robot and a video showing some of the things it can do.