AMD A-Series APU Social Reviewer

July 16th, 2012 | Posted by Gothamghost in Technology

Several days ago I lucked out and was selected to be an AMD A-Series Social Reviewer. AMD will be sending me an APU and my understanding is that I need to review it and just basically tweet about the experience. I will also be posting on here about my build around the APU and just some general thoughts.

What is an APU? APU or Accelerated Processing Unit is a processing system that includes additional processing capability designed to accelerate one or more types of computations outside of a CPU [wiki]. It is for all intents and purposes a CPU that integrates a GPU (graphics processing unit). You can watch a video straight from AMD here.

While I doubt this will replace my main computer for gaming, it will likely be fantastic as a secondary gaming PC, or HTPC. I’m excited to benchmark this system against my main PC, and I’m excited by the idea of discrete graphics not being necessary. Anyway, check back for updates in the near future.

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