“Droid Does” Screencaps (for non-rooted users)

February 24th, 2010 | Posted by Gothamghost in Technology

I recently had someone ask if I could take a screencap with my Droid, I said of course thinking “Droid Does” anything. I was right it does, but it isn’t easy for a non-rooted user. In order to do it you have to go through several steps. (Screencaps at bottom of post)

1. First you need to download the Android SDK.
2. Once it is downloaded extract the files into a place you can find them.
3. Open the folder and click on SDK Setup. You may need to force the program to find the correct packages by clicking settings and choosing “force https…”
4. Install those packages.
5. Download and install the JDK (Java Development Kit).
6. Download, extract and install Eclipse. I highly recommend downloading 3.5.1. It is the easiest to use.
7. Start Eclipse, then select Help > Install New Software.
8. In the Available Software dialog, click Add. In the Add Site dialog that appears, enter a name for the remote site (for example, “Android Plugin”) in the “Name” field. In the “Location” field, enter this URL:
https://dl-ssl.google.com/android/eclipse/ Click OK. Back in the Available Software view, you should now see “Developer Tools” added to the list. Select the checkbox next to Developer Tools, which will automatically select the nested tools Android DDMS and Android Development Tools. Click Next. In the resulting Install Details dialog, the Android DDMS and Android Development Tools features are listed.
9. Click Next to read and accept the license agreement and install any dependencies, then click Finish.
10. Restart Eclipse.
11. On your Android device select Menu>Settings>Applications>Development and check the box for USB Debugging.
12. Connect your Android device with the USB cable to the computer you installed and did all this work on.
13. Open your “android-sdk-OSNAMEHERE” folder and then open the “Tools” folder. Double click on DDMS (Dalvik Debug Monitor Server).
14. You should see a window that has your device located on the left side. Select your device and then select Device>Screen Capture on the program. You will see a window that has your current screen on your Android Device.
15. Navigate to the screen you want to take a picture of and click refresh and save.

Once you go through all this work you will be able to skip all of this and just connect your device and follow steps 13-15. It takes seconds. Of course if your phone is rooted then you can download an Android app called “drocap2” for free and press a button. So the next time someone asks me if something can be done on my Droid I will probably still say yes but I won’t say it without reservation.

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